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La Nuova’s incredible Community Spirit

DLANZ is always keen to uncover proud member moments, many of our members are achieving remarkable things quietly within their communities. This is one such story about La Nuova's wonderful support for a local time out retreat.

Being in a position to offer support to a worthy cause, is a privilege so when Brad Craig and the team at La Nuova Drycleaners in New Plymouth heard about Taranaki Retreat from one of their loyal clients, they knew they wanted to be involved.

Entirely reliant on donations, Taranaki Retreat was thrilled when Brad and the team at La Nuova offered to take care of laundering their linen. Even with the number of guests and the turnover of bedding, La Nuova were more than happy to take on the load. They process 12 tonnes of linen on average per day through their commercial laundry in Inglewood. Opening back in 1959, La Nuova is one of the founding members of Linenmaster, servicing the Taranaki and Wanganui regions and employing around 70 team members. Brad is the third generation at La Nuova and began his career with the company in 2007.

The retreat provides space for people from all walks of life, in all manner of situations and circumstances, to take a breather, to relax and reflect, to breathe and escape, even for a short time, from life’s harsh realities. It is a place where families and individuals can come and stay, free of charge, when times are tough. The support they offer includes overnight stays, caring, kind people to talk to, and a beautiful space to take the time to think clearly, make changes, and, possibly most importantly, rest. www.taranakiretreat.org.nz/

“The Taranaki retreat does amazing work and it’s an important resource for the community. I could see how much work Suzy, Jamie and others were putting into this and thought we could make it a little easier for them if we supplied and cleaned their sheets and towels. It’s such a vital and important service in our local community.”

Brad Craig – La Nuova