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Below you will find a library of helpful articles, information, downloads and tools specifically to help with running your business. Some resources are only accessible to DLANZ members or Associates.

This area will be regulary updated so please visit periodically.

General Business Resources - including resources on staffing and health & safety
Drycleaning specific resources - customer service guides, problem solving, care labels etc.
Laundry specific resources - articles, best practice guides etc
Knowledge Base - Technical guides, industry training, sustainability, complicance etc.
Downloads - Dlanz brand kit, Store Posters, Disclaimers etc.

We encourage you to share with us any resources you think would benefit other members, please contact secretary@dlanz.org.nz with your suggestions.

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Attention Owners of 24/7 unstaffed Laundromats

Owners of Laundromats that are open 24/7 and may not have a staff member on site may want to impliment these measures to avoid becoming the victims of crime

Please ensure your business has implemented this best practice guide and trained your staff to us

Depending on the type and quantity of chemicals held at your site, you may require one or more of

Often what you need to do to comply with the Regulations will depend on what and how much of each

Dry-cleaners store and handle a range of chemicals, many of which are hazardous; some may be flammable, others are toxic or corrosive.