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Our Partners

Success is all about relationships and DLANZ has a long history forging relationships to benefit its members.

From our Corporate Members, who recognise that through their membership they are supporting the growth and development of our smaller members and our neighbouring Australian Drycleaning and Laundry Institutes whom we work closely with, right down to Competenz, the industries official training provider and n3 buy group, these relationships and others are all available to help you take your business to the next level.

We encourage all members to fully utilise what these partners have to offer to help you grow your business, find out below how each can contribute to your business success.


Our Corporate members are the heavy-weights in the NZ Industry and our partners in that they recognise the importance of having a strong industry body to ensure the growth and success of the sector in New Zealand.

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Competenz – Industry Training Organisation

Competenz works closely with the Drycleaners & Launderers Association and other companies across your industry to build skills, careers and businesses while making it easy to learn on-the-job.

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Affiliated Industries Group (AIG) - BusinessNZ

The Drycleaners & Launderers Association is part of the BusinessNZ Affiliated Industries Group (AIG), a group of industry and trade associations plus other representative and sector groups affiliated to BusinessNZ.

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N3 – Business Buying Group

The benefit of group buying means your business can reduce its spending and see the results of an improved bottom line.

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Drycleaning Institute of Australia (DIA)

Through our close relationship with the Drycleaning Institute of Australia (DIA), their chairman Brian Tonkin as negotiated a fantastic deal for DLANZ members.

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Laundry Association of Australia (LAA)

At our 2018 Conference the Australian representatives of the LAA who were present offered the Association a place on their Board. 

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Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI)

Only DLANZ members can gain free access to some of the DLI’s best resources through a special discounted DIA membership deal.

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