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Why Professionally Clean?

Do you have a favourite garment that makes you feel like a million dollars?
Does the thought of it wearing out, make you sad?
Was it expensive and hard to replace?

Did you know that choosing to Dryclean your favourite or expensive garment will increase their life by a factor of lots.

Interesting Facts:

  • Denim jeans launderered at home will have noticably faded after about 10washes. That same garment can be drycleaned over 100 times without any loss of colour.
  • The amount of cleaning compound needed to clean 10kg of garments is 10mls – yes read that again, incredible!
  • Because drycleaning methods are so efficient it turns out it is more environmentally sustainable than washing your clothes at home.
  • One of the newest innovation in the industry is wet-cleaning . . .
  • Other interesting facts . . .

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