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Easy, Convenient, Professional

Everything you need, clean, neat & tidy
your Drycleaning & Laundering happy place!

Easy, Convenient, Professional

Everything you need, clean, neat & tidy
your Drycleaning & Laundering happy place!



Drycleaner & Launderer

"We have been a member for decades and see value in the networks that are built over time. The ability for those networks to open doors to learn from each other seeing different operations in action. Conferences always attract some great speakers.

You never know when we need to join resources to lobby if there are proposed changes that would materially affect our business.”

Rick Wellington - Preens Drycleaners, Dunedin.

Allied Trader

We have been an Allied Trader to the industry since the 1980s.

We have always seen over the years just how valuable the conferences and this website are. Both of these tools keep us up-to-date with relevant information, and allow us to advertise our products in a positive and friendly way.

Chris Stewart  - Momentum PoS


Drycleaner & Launderer

Being a member of the DLANZ has been invaluable to us. 

We came into the industry green, and having that network around us has proved to be awesome.  Meeting others who are doing it, have done it or are in the same situation as us has been the difference. 

I look forward to seeing the continued change in the DLANZ and congratulate those on the board.

Ricky & Kylie Brackfield  - The Laundry Masters, Rotorua


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Owners of Laundromats that are open 24/7 and may not have a staff member on site may want to impliment these measures to avoid becoming the victims of crime

  • Regularly empty out the coin receptacles of the machines.
  • Signage stating coins receptacles are emptied often.
  • CCTV is an effective deterrent, especially if it also covers the car park of the premises.
  • Signage alerting would be thieves that the premises is covered by CCTV cameras.

Thanks to Tamaki Makaurau area the police for this advice.

There are some interesting and innovative developments coming to light within the industry here and overseas, this story caught our eye in the Laundry and Cleaning News.